Everything you need to know about the Ducati Performance TriOptions Cup

The 959 Panigale was introduced partly to conform to new Euro 4 regulations but also sees a number of updates that improves the Panigale over the previous model.

The most important updates are to the evolved 955cc engine increasing horsepower by 6% to 157hp and torque by 8% with 107.4Nm . These performance changes are achieved by an increased stroke, high-flow air filter, an exhaust diameter increased to 60mm and additional fuel injectors.

From a design point of view there is little to differentiate the two. The front fairing is wider with a higher screen and bigger air intakes, a different tail unit and lower fairing to accommodate the new shotgun exhausts. However on the track version Akrapovic underslung exhausts are used, so again differences between the two are aesthetically minimal. 

The 959 Panigale also now has improved machined footpegs, a lower swingarm pivot (-4) and a slipper clutch.

The road going version of the 959 Panigale costs £13,795 and is available in either red or white. It is also available through Ducati TriOptions finance

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