Sam Middlemas aiming for Ducati Cup success after joining the Boast Plumbing team for 2019

We recently caught up with Sam Middlemas at the Silverstone test and spoke to him about overcoming a nasty collarbone injury whilst riding a 675 Triumph in British Supersport at Assen – and about joining the Boast Plumbing team.

“As you are aware I unfortunately got injured at Assen on the 675. I broke my collarbone and a bone in my foot. So, this winter’s really been about trying to recover and rebuild my strength. The collarbone wasn’t healing properly so I had to be patient, but I was in the gym and training as soon as I could really. More recently I’ve started playing a bit of 5-a-side football and doing a bit of kickboxing with the MCA fitness program through Dean Ellison now I’m back to full strength.

Last week at No Limits at Donington Park was my first time back on a bike. We decided to do an endurance race in a two-man team with Dan Stamper from Stock 1000s. This helped put my injuries through their paces. I’ve still got a gap there in the collarbone now, but it doesn’t actually seem to be bothering me.  The late start to the season has certainly benefitted me this year.

Overall, it’s all been really positive, Donington went well. My pace was good, and I felt good on the bike. I was happy with how I went. We finished 4th in the endurance race and that was a 1000cc race we did on the Ducati 959 Panigale. Here at the Silverstone test I was looking to get back into the groove to be honest as there was a lot of traffic in the endurance race.  I managed to lap within 0.1 from my race times last year on the test at Silverstone despite having some machine issues on the day.  The bike is now off to Moto Rapido as the head gasket has gone on the rear cylinder, which is less than ideal but it’s better to find the issue now than at Round 1 itself so I’m looking on the bright side!”

How did the new link up with the Boast Racing team happen?

“My dad (Mick) has been in my corner all my racing career and I really couldn’t have gotten as far as I have done without him.  But at the mid-way point last season he basically said to me that he’s taken me as far as he could and that it was time for him to have a rest! He’s 65 and just retired at the end of last season, he wants to spend a bit more time at home and with his grandchildren. Anyway, this is what led me to speaking to Mike Green at Boast, because the BPS team is a team I’ve always gotten on well with. I knew them through some of their former riders - Jon Railton and Levi Day who I am good friends with. I don’t know my teammate Josh Wainright that well, but he seems a good lad and I’m sure we’ll get on fine.   I already get on well with his mechanic George. Overall, I’ve really gelled well with the team at the test and I think the change is going to be good for me this season. I’ll still be riding my own 959 that I’ve ridden the last two years, but BPS are running me at the meetings. I’ve also retained my long-time sponsors Salus Building Control and Albany Sheds, so it’s all worked out really well. I think riding for BPS should give me an even better opportunity to go on and be successful this year.

The Boast team was always the team I was going to speak to first. It just so happened that Levi Day ended up moving on. When I first was coming over, I was going to be alongside Levi and Josh, but then Levi got the opportunity to go to Stock 1000s and that worked out better for me because I’ve managed to get his two mechanics from last season, Paul Dyason and Graham Miles.

The ultimate aim for this year? To have my best season yet - get on the podium consistently and get that elusive Ducati Cup victory.  I know everybody says there really fired up for the year and it’s all taken with a pinch of salt, but I feel really confident that this year is going to be my best yet.  It will be tough of course, as there’s a lot of good riders in the series and Rob Guiver is also back to defend his title.  I can’t wait to get back racing and wish Round 1 was this weekend!”