Rob Guiver wins a restarted Race 1 at Brands Hatch

Race 1 had barely got underway earlier today around the Brands Hatch GP circuit when a downpour brought out the red flag and a restarted wet race was declared.

Rob Guiver (Premier Security / Ducati Romford Racing) once again started from pole while behind him Josh Day ( Racing Team) and Sean Neary (SMC Racing) swapped positions but the race action was put on hold once more on Lap 4 after Paul Slade had a nasty highside at Clearways, with the safety car deployed.

There were just two laps left to run when the safety car came in. Day was close to Guiver until a moment cost him drive up the back straight with Neary capitalising to take 2nd. The riders crossed the chequered flag in those same positions, with Guiver taking his 4th win of the season to close the gap to championship leader Day.

Phil Atkinson (Art of Racing) and Josh Wainwright (BPS Racing) took 4th and 5th respectively, with Dean Brown (DBR Performance) claiming his 3rd consecutive 6th place finish.

Day lines up in pole for tomorrow’s race, with Neary and Guiver locking out the front row.

Rob Guiver (Premier Security / Ducati Romford Racing #13) – 1st
“I think that race had a bit of everything, with the rain, getting stopped and then the car coming out. I hope Paul Slade is alright, he’s a good friend of mine so fingers crossed he’s ok. It was a bit of a strange race with the safety car and the quick restart. I couldn’t seem to get enough temperature into my front tyre. I was struggling with the front and felt I could have had a bit more pace. Obviously tomorrow, hopefully there’s no stoppages, little bit warmer and we can have a good crack at it. Looking forward to the battle.”

Sean Neary (SMC Racing #10) - 2nd
“I am a bit disappointed not to get the win but Rob is class around here. It’s his local track and he’s always been really strong. Not making excuses, but I thought there was two laps to go. So, it’s a big error on my part. Whether I could have done it or not I don’t know but I would have had a go if I’d have known. But fair play, Rob was flying and also Josh as well. I thought it was just me and Rob and then Josh came by as well. But made up. The SMC Racing Team have done a mega job so thanks for everyone who’s got me here and we’ll try and go one better.”

Josh Day ( Racing Team #2) – 3rd
“Happy but not happy at the same time because I really felt like I could have gone for the win there. Bike felt good but it was just when I had my own clear lap, I think I’m the only one with my gearing, it was really flat in certain areas. Onto the back straight I had a massive moment trying to carry a bit too much speed on the one from last lap and then Sean got past. I thought I’d never go back past him. The gearing’s not quite right so good job the Ducati boys have worked hard and got us a practice tomorrow so we can try something in practice and start from pole. Rob again, always on it. He was the man to beat doing those 29’s. See what this gearing brings tomorrow and see if we can get right with him at the front and hopefully have a good battle.”


Race 1 results

  1. Rob GUIVER (Premier Security/Ducati Romford Racing)
  2. Sean NEARY (SMC Racing)
  3. Josh DAY ( Racing Team)
  4. Phil ATKINSON (AOR/Dijon Flooring)
  5. Josh WAINWRIGHT (BPS Racing)
  6. Dean BROWN (DBR Performance)
  7. Sam MIDDLEMAS (Boast Plumbing/Salus Approved Inspectors)
  8. David SHOUBRIDGE (Old Garage Legends)
  9. Dan COUZENS (ASJ Racing)
  10. Craig CURRIE (SMC Racing)
  11. Mark CHEETHAM (Highsparks Motorsport)
  12. Michael TUSTIN (Team MTR Ducati Oxford)
  13. Dave MACKAY (True Heroes Racing)
  14. Ben BROADWAY (Broadway Racing)
  15. Daniel SHAW (FML Motorsport)
  16. Jack THOMPSON (Highsparks Motorsport)
  17. Scott PITCHERS (SP Racing)
  18. Matt STEVENS (Tech 5 Racing)
  19. Craig KENNELLY (Resideo Racing)
  20. Richard SPENCER-FLEET (RSF Racing/Army Motorcycle Road Race)
  21. Peter HASLER (Art of Racing)
  22. Andrew HOWE (FHL Ducati)


Martin HEATON (LAMF Racing)
Paul SLADE (PS Racing)
Leon WILTON (Art of Racing)