Josh Day racks up his first Ducati Cup wet win at Donington Park Race 2

Yesterday's restarted Race 1 mixed up the grid positions for Race 2, with championship contender Rob Guiver starting from the penultimate row.

A massive downpour just before the race also caused riders to make a swap to wets, with Highsparks Motorsport’s Mark Cheetham, known for his wet weather performance, making a lighting start from the third row to lead the first lap. Unfortunately, it was not be his race, after crashing out unhurt on Lap 5 having amassed a 3 second lead.

Cheetham's retirement gifted the lead to Day, but Sam Middlemass (Boast Plumbing / Sales Approved Inspectors) was looking strong just behind him 2nd until a massive moment on Lap 7 saw the him dropped down to 5th.

Danny Shaw (FML Motorsport) put in some consecutive fastest laps to chase down the leaders, going on to pass Phil Atkinson (Art of Racing) for 2nd. Shaw was able to make a move on Day to lead his first ever Ducati Cup race but it was Day who ultimately emerged victorious in the wet. Day claimed his best Ducati Cup finish to date in 2nd with Atkinson repeating his Race 1 3rd place finish.

Middlemass was able to climb back up to 4th with David Shoubridge (Old Garage Legends) rounding out the Top 5.

Day now leads the championship from Guiver, with 130 points to Guiver's 98. And his winning points haul was made all the more valuable as his rival Guiver finished down in 13th and DNFs included front-runners Sean Neary (SMC Racing) and Josh Wainwright (Boast Plumbing).


Josh Day ( Racing Team #2) - 1st
"To be fair, we all just lucky to stay on if I'm honest. First race on that Ducati in the wet, bit sketchy in those first few laps. That race was something else. I know I'm good in the wet… but there was literally no grip out there. After yesterday, I had a little bit of a mishap with my pltboard and probably got caught napping with Sean and lost the win. So, I really wanted to get that win if I'm honest.

My brother pit-boarded me that Guiver was far down but I didn't want to shut off again, I wanted to go for that. Because the team deserve it,, Ducati and Andrew all the guys, they've all put so much effort into it, it's not to say, "I'm just going to' settle.

We're not thinking about the championship but we're in a good position. I had a chat with Andy this morning, the team owner, and he was quite happy with what we were doing, and he said you need to make a decision if you want the championship or if you want to just go and enjoy your racing. We both said we'd enjoy our racing and see what happens.

Hopefully get an engine refresh after Brands as well, get a bit more power we can keep this momentum going. Thanks to everyone. All the Ducati guys are amazing. Brilliant championship, so I'd recommend it to anyone.”

Danny Shaw (FML Motorsport #33) - 2nd
"It was a good ride. Treacherous conditions, some good battles, a few slides. Got a little bit silly in some of it, had a good battle with Josh. I'd just like to thank the team, all my sponsors, Freelance Mechanics, Matt Johnson Prestige, Furness Fluid Power, Graphic Designs, Subpolt and MBR Motorsport. I look forward to some more of these [trophies]."

Phil Atkinson (Art of Racing #4) - 3rd
"It was very dodgy out there, so I was just trying to stay on. You've got guys that haven't been on the podium before and they're trying really hard. Fair play to the guys that have got on the podium that haven't been before, they were riding really good. Damage limitations, trying to think about championships but also trying to get on the podium and stay there. To see Mark Cheetham fall off, who's a wet weather expert, I knew then it was just a case of surviving. Big thanks to the team, they've put a great bike beneath me, and Pete from Art of Racing. Mupo Suspension worked fantastic in the wet and the dry. Back in the game and a big thank you to all my personal sponsors."

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